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hello people!
new member here - static.murph! I live in Ireland and have a Bora TDI ahf 110. great car! bought it standard last september after owning an opel astra 1.4 petrol for a couple of months. bought the TDI as I could not afford to run the astra anymore! its now lowered fully on jom coilovers with helpers taken out and it sits on 18x9.5 inch rota grids. new custom coilovers coming soon as my front shocks are blown from the irish roads!

anywhoo ive been having a lot of trouble with limp mode since I bought the car and finally got round to having a look at it. I removed the turbo and intake for cleaning to find the turbo was foobar'd! the vnt mechanism on the compressor side of the exhaust housing wasn't connected to anything! the actuator rod that sits in the groove of the vnt rotating ring had broken off and was nowhere to be seen! oh and it was italian made rather than french made like my replacement! explains my erratic boost and near constant limp mode! got a good 2nd hand turbo which i cleaned out and fitted, and then fitted the cleaned intake back on - whilst forgetting to take the scrunched up paper towels out of the intake ports! IDIOT! started the engine and it ran great for about 30secs and cut out. still not realising what I'd done, I started her up again and she ran badly for a few secs before cutting out. then it dawned on me and I began taking everything apart . . . .I could only get 3 of the ports clear(ish) . . .have I done much damage?

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This is why I recommend tape to cover holes instead of paper towels. Don't worry, this happens all the time, unfortunately.

Hopefully the paper towels did compress and burn up. However, if they were wadded up very tightly it's possible they could have caused a valve to stick open or gone through the engine and jammed the turbo. The turbines could have gone sideways a little which could damage the bearings and wheels.

Also, since this is such a specific post, moved to mk4 section and edited title.
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