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PAINT Protection Films??

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Hello looking to get a New TDI . While in showroom I noticed "Roadblock" paint protection film. Has anyone used this product and does it differ in anyway from what VW is selling as a Port installed option?? Is one better than the other? Any idea the warranty ?
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Never heard of it but it sounds like it's being sold at the dealer end and would be warrantied through the dealer or "roadblock " directly.

IMHO, there isn't a big difference in paint protection film as long as it's high quality. A tint shop or tint forum would probably know about "roadblock" film.
I'm not familiar with Roadblock, but I had a similar product, VentureShield, added to my A3 TDI that I bought last month. It was sold through the dealer, but it is warranted (lifetime) by VentureShield.
I have been lurking on this website for a while and finally joined after this post peaked my interest. I have been specializing in paint protection film (PPF) installations for over seven years.

I have worked with just about every available film and pre-cut patterns and here are three important factors when choosing paint protection film.

1. Brand of film: clearcoated film vs. topcoated film vs. unprotected urethane film. 3M Scotchgard PPF, Ventureshield, Clearshield, Baekart, Haartz, Avery Dennison, etc. Bottom line. 3M is the only film with a real clearcoat layer that is almost identical to your cars paint clearcoat system. It doesn't require any special care. Other films require special plastic cleaners, sealants, etc in order to clean and protect the porous urethane. Non clearcoated films tend to stain, discolor, and lose their gloss over time. Non clearcoated film cannot be polished, buffed, of wet sanded like one can with 3M Scotchgard. 3M's film is more expensive than others and more time consuming and more difficult to install. Warranty: Some film companies offer ridiculous lifetime warranties that are simply creative marketing. 3M is the only company whose warranty covers both the film and labor to reinstall new film in the event of a warranty claim. No other companies cover the cost of labor in their warranties.

2. Pre-Cut vs. handcut. Most professional installation companies use pre-cut patterns that are computer cut specific to each vehicle. Not all patterns are equal. Some offer more coverage than others, specifically on the hood and fender sections. Some use multiple pieces of film on bumper sections, which create additional seems when it is not necessary. Some installers use bulk rolls of film and trim them to fit the contours of vehicles which can work, but often creates consistency problems and poses the risk of cutting into the paint.

3. Installer. Use a professional installation company that has a lot of experience and excellent references. You can have the best film and pre-cut patterns, but it is worthless if it isn't installed properly and looks good. There are a lot of so called PPF installers that add PPF to their existing business or dabble in it. One must install PPF on a regular basis to maintain proficiency and skill.

Autobahnd "Roadblock" is a franchise company that specializes in PPF. They have their own patterns and use different brands of film based on their location.

My 2cents: Use 3M film, quality pre-cut patterns installed by a reputable installer OR make sure that your dealership/PPF will warranty the cost of labor and film, because you may need it down the road.
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OK, I stand corrected! I have heard that the 3m stuff is good and assumed that the other stuff was similar. How do they apply a clearcoat to the 3m film? When I think of clearcoat I think of the hard paint layer.
I am told by my 3M's rep that their clearcoat layer is sprayed on somehow during the manufacturing process. The machinery and process is expensive and more difficult to replicate, that’s why 3M is the only company that offers a true clearcoated film. It is a MAJOR benefit over other films. It can be waxed, polished, wet sanded (3000grit).

I have ruined a customers Ventureshield film by using a very mild cleaner wax to try and remove a scuff mark. It marred the surface of the film and made it’s appear dull where I had hand applied the cleaner wax. Ventureshield falsely advertises that their film has a clearcoat, when it has a "top-coat", which is a hardened urethane layer, but not as durable as a true clearcoat....very misleading.
Paint films

I have spoken to dealers/installers in my area. They stated that the 3M film is sprayed with clearcoat. But they also said that the 3M tends to have "orange peel " look on darker color cars???? And that VENTURE made/owned by 3M is multi layered with a clearcoat layer and looks better ?

Is there anything that you could add (Opinion) to the different films
3M's film does have a very slight orange peel texture to it, but it has never been an issue with any of my clients over the past 7+ years. I had to remove Ventureshield film from an entire Ferrari Enzo and apply 3M Scotchgard because the Ventureshields film became dull and flat looking after cleaner wax was applied to it. This incredibly anal Enzo owner had no issues with the orange peel of texture of 3M's film or aesthetics. It is very difficult to differentiate between the two side by side.

3M bought out Venture Tape Corp, the company that Makes Ventureshield Film and other adhesive products. Ventureshields "Clearcoat" is not a true clearcoat layer, it is very misleading. They use what is usually referred to as a "top coat"...hardened layer of urethane sandwiched on top of the softer layer of urethane but less durable than a real clearcoat later. Now that 3M owns Ventureshield, my 3M rep has told me that their lifetime warranty and misleading marketing will be changed because it has created so many headaches for them. Ventureshild's wholesale cost is exactly 15% cheaper than 3M Scotchgard and it is quicker and much easier to install than 3M's film. Now that 3M owns Ventureshield a lot of PPF installers are bating and switching 3M to Venture because its cheaper and easier to install all while saying its 3M film.

Venture is the best looking film initially, but it rapidly loses its gloss over time and tends to stain and discolor. Almost all the brands of film look identical to each other after being installed, Venture is just slightly less noticeable when installed than others. PM me if you are interested and I can send some pics of Ventureshield and other films that have gone bad.
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