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Adding buttons to a GTI paddle-shifter wheel?

Hi all-

I have a pkg#2 '06 TDi with MFSW and I want to add a sport steering wheel with paddle shifters and keep my MFSW controls. I found this wheel (pictured below) supposedly from a 2010 GTI that had paddle shifters, but no MF buttons. It does have blanks that can be removed via screws.

Is it a simple task to add my buttons to this wheel, recode via VCDS, and be good to go?

Does anyone know how the buttons and paddle wires/harness combine? Does this happen underneath the button modules? I notice that this wheel already has a ribbon cable, presumably for the paddle, where the button cable would usually be. Anyone tried this?

Is this a quick "plug and play"?

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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