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I have read with keen interest your posts on changing Steering Wheels on the various VW products.

Thank you for your previous messages, but I am still unsure

I have an '08 Eos with DSG and MFD+ (highline),

In the original post (part 1), there is text on page 6 that says

"Below right is a MFSW from an Eos sport. This adds steering wheel mounted paddle shifters behind the multifunction buttons (obviously for DSG transmission only), has a slightly different shape, has no perforated leather sides, and is round instead of flat bottomed. The right paddle is upshift and the left paddle is downshift"

The wheel pictured on Page 8 looks exactly like my wheel even down to the leather type (satin - non perforated) and the stitching and the MF buttons. The only difference is that my wheel does not have paddles. I want to replace my wheel with an identical model but with paddles.

On P11 the post says "Round Eos Sport wheel with paddle shifter VW# "1q0 419 091 svft" - tiptronic wheel ...

I have tried the various suppliers noted in the post, but I can't get anyone to confirm the corrent part number for this wheel.

I really need to know whether the part number (above) on page: 11 refer to the wheel pictured on Page: 8?

I have added an attachment which is based on the wheel pictured on page 8 but with descriptors added to (hopefully) avoid confusion.

I realise that the original post is some 4 years old now, so any help in confirming the part number would be greatly appreciated.


1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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