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Oregon says hi!

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Hey everybody, I am the new owner of a 2002 Jetta GLS TDI. Car has 179k miles, heated leather gray seats, pwr windows/locks, moonroof, 5 speed, and black in color. It's my first VW, Diesel, and turbocharged vehicle so I am pretty excited about this new world.

Only have about 40 miles on the car so far, but I like it so far. Mostly I went looking for one because my drive to work is about 165 miles round trip a day. Definetly excited about the ability to increase HP and still get killer mileage! Anyways, thanks for the great site and the seemingly endless amount of information regarding all things diesel.:thumbsup
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welcometomyturbodiesTake a look through the new owner's checklist for mk4. There are some maintenance items that I'd do right away.

If it's still on the original suspension, a refresh will make it feel like a new car and you'll love it even more!
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