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Opt Out of Factory Maintenance

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Do you get a refund of any kind if you opt out of the factory maintenance program and DIY?
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Well I find that very hard to believe that the dealer doesn't know which type of oil goes into each model. Are these dealers totally VW or do they have other franchises? Now it should say which oil type in the handbook but I've heard people say they don't anymore I haven't really looked for this option.

In the UK there are loads of auto accessory shops that sell all grades of oil so you don't have to goto the dealer for it.
It's called laziness and they fact that the 507 oil is not very common and the techs think oil is oil and just put whatever they have around in the car.

Have you tried to buy 507 oil, it's quite difficult to find.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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