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Opt Out of Factory Maintenance

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Do you get a refund of any kind if you opt out of the factory maintenance program and DIY?
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I'm sure they know what grade of oil goes in which model.
Perhaps in Jolly Ol'England... On this side of the Atlantic there have been too many reports of VW dealers not having a clue when it comes to using the correct oil... going back to the first PD engines (2004 model year)...

Just do a search over on the TDIClub for message threads titled something like "Dealer put the wrong oil in my car"... Yes, these are full-fledged VW dealers... one of the problems was that starting with the 2004 model year (first PD engines over here), these cars were not available for sale in a number of states that followed the California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards for emissions, so that those dealerships didn't carry the 505.01 spec oils... I can't recall when was the last posting I saw about a dealer not being aware of that spec, but it wasn't long ago - I'd say not more than a year or so... And now with the Common Rail engines we see more of the same...

If you want something done properly...

1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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