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Opt Out of Factory Maintenance

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Do you get a refund of any kind if you opt out of the factory maintenance program and DIY?
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I'm not sure what you mean by factory maintenance program? We don't have that in the UK unless you mean the 3 year service plan?

Why would you want to opt out if it anyway?
No its not part of the package you have to pay £250 for the service plan. I asked the cost of a service when I ordered mine and they said the current cost is £150. While its under warranty for 3 years and it has to be serviced by a reputable garage they may as well do it. If prices go up in 3 years as they do its still the same price so this package is a bargin really.

If VW include this as part of your package I don't think you'll get a refund if you decide not to use it.
Yes I read that thread of someone having their car washed after service and they scratched because they dropped the sponge in the dirt on the ground, I don't think it was on here. You just tell them please don't wash it after the service is completed.

As for the dealer using the correct grade of oil you need to speak to the service manager but I'm sure they know what grade of oil goes in which model.

As for opting out you just don't take it in for a service but if its under warranty then you need the service book stamping and signing by a reputable garage else they will be aukward if you take it back for a warranty claim.

When I ordered mine I asked do they come with floor mats back and front they said no so I ordered the basic protection pack £220, carpets, mud flaps and load liner. A few days later VW sent me the GTD brochure and it said in the it comes with floor mats back and front. Incompetent sales girl so I now have a spare set.
Well I find that very hard to believe that the dealer doesn't know which type of oil goes into each model. Are these dealers totally VW or do they have other franchises? Now it should say which oil type in the handbook but I've heard people say they don't anymore I haven't really looked for this option.

In the UK there are loads of auto accessory shops that sell all grades of oil so you don't have to goto the dealer for it.
Well the oil is pretty common in UK auto shops Halfords

When I had mine services a few weeks ago I was walking around the service cark park and they had quite a few 45 gallon Castrol oil drums with different grade labels on them so UK dealers know which oil is supposed to the used.
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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