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Opt Out of Factory Maintenance

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Do you get a refund of any kind if you opt out of the factory maintenance program and DIY?
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Why would you want to opt out if it anyway?
I read somewhere (may have been this forum sometime ago) where someone took their VW into the dealer for service and they also did a complementary wash job and scratched the finish of the car. I also saw something about the type oil you have to use, and questioning whether the dealer actually used the correct oil. So these things lead me to believe it may be better to do it yourself. You know the old saying: If you want it done right do it yourself. I also saw something about opting out of the three year service plan ("free" service), and that made me wonder if you could "opt out." I know you could just not go, but I got the impression there was something more formal you could do.
Its a business and some of them know what they are doing and some don't and a lot of times they all try to squeeze an extra few (sometimes a few hundred) bucks out of you. I'm certain that you all have an idea what I am talking about, its very common.
When I graduated from college more than 30 years ago, I bought myself a new 1980 VW Scirocco. I had always had a VW starting with a 1965 VW Bug and while I was in college I had a 1976 Rabbit. The Scirocco was the first new car I ever bought. After I had negotiated the deal and went to take delivery of my new VW, I noticed the carpet floor mats were not in the car. The salesman then tried to "sell" them to me as an add-on. I said thanks but no thanks to avoid giving him the satisfaction. Today, I would simply call his hand and advise the car I negotiated the price on had floor mats and, if necessary, would walk away. But at that time I really wanted the car. I never forgot getting ripped off by the VW dealer for a set of carpet floor mats. I never bought another VW until I bought my Golf TDI 30+ years later. My next car after the Scirocco was a Honda Civic, and I basically drove new Hondas or Toyotas for the next 30 years. So that set of floor mats cost VW alot. I also am very cautious of my dealings with car dealers. One unethical salesman/dealer can have a long effect.
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1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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