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Ok- what's the trick with the Dipstick?

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I am a newbie to VW, but having owned plenty of vehicles in the past I've never seen a dipstick that wouldn't come out.
The locking tabs are on there good- I feel the whole car lift when I tug on it- I don't want to break the thing.

What is the secret??

I just want to take a peek- C'mon let me see!
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You are pulling on the loop, not the neck right? The neck part isn't supposed to come out. Try twisting the loop or waiting until it's warm. I don't see how this is possible unless the dipstick was caught on something during assembly and I would think they insert the dipstick after assembly so that it doesn't get pinched.

Can you take a picture of these locking tabs?
Yep- pulled on the loop, tried a little twist and when warm. pic attached.


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This is what my engineer mentor would call- "a cat's ass". I will try to pry the tabs while pulling. I just wondered if anyone else if someone else experienced this.
Did they change the dipstick to make it child proof :D Is there a gap where the tabs will fit through if you turn it?
Ha! maybe so. There aren't any notches- I do hear that they will do away with the dipstick eventually and go the same route as BMW with electronic monitoring.
I spoke with some with a 2010 and their dipstick looks the same but pulls out easily.
Yank on it hard toward you. I first thought the same thing when I went to pull it out for the first time. It clearly is "in there" much more than any other car that I have checked the oil on.

That was really tight and just as tight going back in. The inner gasket is what is super snug. I gave it a good yank and all is right with the world again. thanks :)

This must qualify for petty thread of the year award- but it was weird I must say.
You can see the tabs - maybe they were pinching the inner gasket or it just needs to wear in.
This must qualify for petty thread of the year award- but it was weird I must say.
Maybe, but I loved it! Afterall, you don't want to pull something and break it.::dunno
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