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oil pan torque

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With these new "gasket" stuff, what is the torque on the oil pan bolts. Thanks
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Well you don't state the engine for 2004 Beetle but a

Beetle 1,9D TDI PD 2000-11 Engine code: ATD = 10Nm
Beetle 1,9D TDI PD 2003-06 Engine code: AXR = 10Nm

If you want a converter have a look here ;)
thanks Keith.

The motor is a 1.9L PD BEW and I figured pretty correctly... Little above hand tight.

But now i got another problem.

I just replaced the timing belt, water pump, tensioner, serpentine belt, oil pan, and now, the brakes are hard as rock. I think I may have blown a fuze, but I have no table telling me what fuze does what.

It's a 2004 new Beetle GL.

Any help is appreciated.

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no fuse... Cracked vacuum hose in the back. up and running. you guys were a big help. Thanks

Joe b.
Autodata don't actually list a BEW code for the Beetle or any other model. I would say the torques going to be the same just nipped up. ;)
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