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Oil In coolant, But no coolant in oil

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I just bought a 2002 VW Jetta 1.9l tdi a week ago and it just started leaking oil in the coolant and its like a milk shake color in the coolant reservoir. At first I thought it was the transmission leaking fluid into the coolant, because the transmission was having trouble shifting and so I instantly thought it was going to be the transmission cooler. But I tested the cooler and it held a pretty high pressure. So for my next step I am going to test the oil cooler underneith the oil filter. I've seen a lot of other VW vehicles that end up hvaing a bad oil cooler. But I want to make sure im not missing something and how to determine if it were a head gasket.
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does coolent have black coal oil in it? if not id assume its atf..
No its like a lighter vanilla color. I tested the trans oil cooler and its sealed tight it won't leak for anything. Tonight i'm going to test the engine oil cooler, but a week ago when i bought the car the coolant was still pink.
So it's possible that it's having a very small leak. Because there's no other place on the car where the transmission fluid and coolant meet besides the cooler.


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if your engine oil is black like most diesel... its not engine oil... it will have black spots floating in the coolent... like little nuggets of coal.. way way too many diesel oil mixed cars ive delt with over the years... so id assume that the cooler failed when at a certain temp and the crack open up when warm

how will black oil turn white.... trust me.. never seen that
I tested the oil cooler under the oil filter housing and there aren't any leaks.. So I'm just going to pressure test it and see if my head gasket is leaking. I'm confused as to where it's coming from though because if it was oil (which I don't think it is) why wouldn't there also be coolant in the oil. This car has a lot of issues to begin with. I bought it for $3200 and I had to get a battery which wasn't cheap it was $180 and the car goes into turbo limp mode right when you go down the road and when you go into drive or reverse it takes a long time to and when you stop at a light its extremely rough to get it to kick in. I've read on other forums that the auto transmissions in these years aren't very trust worthy. It's beginning to occur to me that I got screwed over. But the only problem when I bought it was turbo limp mode and it didn't go into limp mode when I test drove it and I gave it a good ride. But the idiot I bought it from let it sit for a year and he thinks that these issues are made up and that i'm just wanting my money back....
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one last try....

its not engine oil... it is not black as coal... coal cannot turn white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's most likely transmission cooler leakage since you don't have any water in engine oil. Mine looks just the same while fiiling up the Washer fluid reservoir i found my 2015 2.0 TDI with the below pic. AND IT STRIKINGLY LOOKS SIMILAR. Worst part is mine failed within 40k KMS of last replacement. Its one of the dreaded thing that is common with the 2.0 tdi
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