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Had a problem with turbo cooler so replaced it this time with an after market. Whilst there I replaced the valve covers / actuators (name?) and replaced cylinder head as tandem pump bolts were stripped out and hanging by a thread. Changed timing belt, water pump etc. the new water pump was split and was exchanged by manufacturer (SWF).
Started it all up, timing very good etc. etc. but was getting oil in the coolant.
Swapped out cylinder head again with a quality 2nd hand one, this time I did a pressure test of cooling system before filling oil and coolant and rather unhappy to find that that pressure leaked slightly into oil system.

From my searches, the possible causes could be oil cooler or turbo-cooler, (I've now swapped the oil cooler with another and still problem persists).
It seems hard to imagine that coolant/pressure goes from turbo-cooler into turbo and then into oil system...or? Or could it go through EGR?
Also the engine block itself - maybe the split water pump caused some damage in engine block?
Any ideas?
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