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Official invoice pricing on 2010 VW Golf TDI

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A little birdie told me invoice pricing on all models :), $700 destination not included in the prices below

2010 Golf TDI invoice 2 door: $20,966
2010 VW Golf TDI invoice 2 door DSG: $22,065
2010 VW Golf TDI invoice 4 door: $21,534
2010 Golf TDI invoice 4 door DSG $22,633

2010 VW Jetta invoice price: $21,370
2010 Jetta invoice price DSG: $22,469

2010 Jetta wagon invoice price: $22,915
2010 VW Jetta wagon invoice price DSG: $24,014

I will add it to the FAQ now: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/a5/2010golfTDI_buyerschecklist.htm
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Great work! Those prices seem much more reasonable. That's about $1245 that the dealer makes + whatever they get below invoice.

Can't quite follow your arithmetic on new posting. Looks like Jetta wagon with DSG is cheaper than manual. Also there appears to be another difference between price quotes on Jetta page Vs. Golf on Jetta wagon. Maybe my calculator is wrong.

Whoops, typo on Jetta wagon w/DSG. Now fixed, thanks for the double check.

The comparison table is all 4 door w/DSG + destination because that's the only configuration on the Audi A3 TDI. That's the only way to keep it apples=apples.
So that's a $70 difference between a Golf and Jetta? Wow, I know the Golf is nice but I'm surprised at the high price. I've seen a 97 Jetta window sticker and I think the price was about $15,000.
Well the cars are a lot nicer! Plus, remember that some dealers sold cars at $1500 below invoice! That means you could get a 2 golf TDI for $20,000 thats 100 times nicer and newer than a 12 year old Jetta.
2010 Jetta pricing

Still confused. On page 1 of Jetta checklist page, lists an option cost for heated seats and heated windshield nozzles - thought those were standard on the 2010 Jetta. Also I am being told by my VW dealer that 2010 interior is black or beige cloth not vinyl leathette. Can anyone confirm these?

Thanks for pointing that out, it's now fixed. I cut/paste the table from the Golf TDI and didn't catch it - the TDI has an optional cold weather package. The Jetta has standard heated seats/washer nozzles.

I'm 99% sure that the 2010 Jetta TDI has standard leatherette seats, door panels, and leather steering wheel/gearshifter. I haven't seen any mention of a change to cloth and some have taken delivery of the 2010 VW Jetta TDI. VW Golf TDI have cloth interior only.

I actually like the quality of leatherette but I prefer cloth because it breathes better. Real leather still feels different but unless you told someone they would probably never know.
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