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Hello all,
I discovered myturbodiesel.com just today so of course I registered and already have had a question answered. I came upon a reference in the 2010 Jetta brochure to 'Engine Breaking Assist' and wondered if VW had included a Jacobs Engine Brake in the car, but after reading through your details I realized my error.
I tried to buy a new Jetta TDI back in October and the dealer agreed to order a car with only the options I wanted, Auto. trans., sunroof, 17" wheels, but after three months wanted me to buy a car already on his lot. Then I discovered that he had never ordered the car equiped as I wanted at all. So we parted company. I am waiting for a check for my deposit refund and looking for another dealer. In his efforts to sell me the existing car the dealer told me that the federal tax credit was due to expire at the end of this year, which I knew to be untrue, but also that VW was going to increase the price as of 12/31/09. Does anyone know if this is true or not?
I took note of your caution about using only VW 507 spec. lube oil and wondered about how to find out what kind of oil was being used by a particular dealer. I have not been allowed in the service area of a car dealership for years—"insurance regulations" they say. And I would have to depend on the word of the service manager, nor would I find out if incorrect oil had been used until damage had been done. Seems like a potential problem.
Some Diesel aficionados may not have heard of the German airline Lufthansa wanting to start a nonstop mail service between Europe and New York in the 1930's. Blohm und Voss was to build the planes and Junkers the engines. Diesels were chosen because they were calculated to use 25% less fuel for the ocean crossing than comparable gasoline engines. The result was the junkers Jumo 205 C, 2 stroke (similar to the GM 71 series) opposed piston (similar to Fairbanks Morse industrial and marine engines) 6 cylinder, 12 piston, 2 crankshaft, (pistons meeting in the middle), engines of about 600 HP. The plane Blohm und Voss designed mounted four of them and it must have made quite a 'pocketa–pocketa' sound. The airmail service never got started as the project was militarised and the engines utilized in Blohm und Voss and Dornier military planes. Have a happy holiday! Ronny
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The part numbers are on the reciept when they do an oil change. The part number is in the buying FAQ. Insurance regulations mean they don't want you seeing guys having lunch while sitting on somebody's hood. If it's on the receipt they probably used it.

What is the engine breaking assist? Is that when the mechanic jerks on random ground wires and hits the fuel pump with a hammer?
Ohh, must be holiday spirit, mea culpa! but, you're way would work well enough. Many thanks for the tip, i will look it up. Happy Holiday. ronny
No way to know if the dealer will increase the price but I haven't heard anything.

Listed on page 2 of all the checklists for the 09-10 models is the part number for 507 oil. VW# gvw 052 195 m2.

It's possible that he did "order" your car but if they don't have enough allocations the order is never accepted by VW. It could sit there forever or until the dealer is given an allocation for that car.

Good morning, I become ever more cynical as I become older. I owned a Saab 9000 in 1991 when they first came out and was very impressed by the heavy duty nature of the fittings and the fine 91 page 'Engineering Features' book the company published. Actually the book helped to convince me to buy the car. Well at about 30K miles the 'front' crankshaft oil seal failed and leaking lube oil softened the vibration dampening pulley on the end of the shaft which led to it's flying apart at highway speed and wiping out all the pullys and other hardware on the front of the engine! OK, after Humpty Dumpty was put back together again (At Saabs expense) in 1999, with not a lot more miles on it, the seal started to leak again. I didn't repair it this time but traded it. After that experience I am left thinking that either the shaft had a nick or some other slight imperfection that damaged the seals or—the dealer was using an unapproved and incompatible lube oil for oil changes, which Saab vehemently cautioned against in the manual, and that caused the seals to fail. That's why I spook so easily I guess. Have a good holiday! Best regards, Ronny
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