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O2 sensor

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hi does any body know where i can get a used O2 sensor for my bew tdi, the turbo wheel sheared off and damaged it.
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Junkyard. You could try posting a wanted link in the classifieds but if you decide you want a new one, the part number is
VW# 06a 906 262 bk (06a906262bk) for a 950mm 02 sensor, BEW engine.
why would you want a used sensor in a first place, o2 sensors are wear and tear items, its like installing used brake pads, you going to do this job twice, end up buying new sensor anyway.
where does the 02 sensor harness get routed from and what does it connect to ?
Not sure but the connector is probably on the firewall. Look for the insulated wire. It will be obvious once you're removing the sensor.
The connector is located under the car in a plastic box right of the cat. the wire runs down the tunnel between the body and the exhaust pipe heat shield.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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