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Hello everyone, I actually got on this forum because I am having trouble with installing an aftermarket part (that'll come in a different post), but I would love to connect with all my Golf owners out there and hear what else I should do to this little guy.

I have always driven VW's, but I came across this blue 2015 Golf TDI about a year ago. I love it, and want to give it more love. I am a novice car guy, not much more experience beyond your typical high school autos classes but I have learned a ton through trial and error.


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Welcome to the forum.

Its nice to see you made an intro on your own. ;)

This is a new forum layout with loads of bugs which have been reported in the new thread. There is no TDI Wiki at the moment or original similes. It doesn't show the car spec/location.

We Are Live - Community Feedback

This has been talked about many times.

I've made a poll which no one has posted in, there are a few votes and comments.

Do you like the new forum features?

Wiki pages have been restored as of 7th December, I asked where is the link it should be on top of the main forum.
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