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A reverse light malfunction message was displayed on the MFD of my Golf MK5 2.0 TDI. I found that it was not the bulb or the fuse that has blown. To make matters more interesting nothing on the boot/trunk lid is working. The reverse light, fog light, rear wiper and boot hatch are all down.

As it must be a common denominator with reference to the boot I inspected the grounding which showed proper continuity.

We did a Vagcom diagnostics test and scan for errors but to no avail. Also forced the relevant outputs on but will return to off as it probably can see no current is being drawn by the load.

Last night I managed to open and close the boot only when the car is swicthed off. Today it is completely down and I need to make use of the mechanical latch inside the car.

I removed the trimming on the c pillar to see if the loom is unplugged, but it is making good contact. Also looked for damage to the wiring loom but it appears to be in an excellent condition.

Please help
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