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Hi all!
Kae from Grand Rapids, MI

First time VW & diesel owner, but I figured, why not? Jump head first.

I am now a proud (and completely anxious) owner of a ‘99 VW New Beetle TDI 5 speed.

And, wow! I gotta say, they weren’t kidding about these babies - they just want to GO (and I thought my ranger was skippy!)

Beetles have been my favorite (specifically ‘69-‘72) ever since I was a little girl. I remember the first time I saw a “front trunk” and just how awestruck I was by it - I had never realized just how unique a vehicle could be! A truly eye openingexperience, especially one to a vast and new whole world. I even hope to restore one one day, but we’ll see about that one.

As far as diesels go, I really am just jumping straight in & 100% blind. They’re definitely something I grew up around, but honestly don't know a lick about.

But, I do love me a good challenge, and always enjoy learning new things.

I’d never call myself experienced by any means, but definitely wouldn’t consider myself mechanically inept.

My first project with her (besides some of the new owner tasks gratefully found here!) will definitely be a skid plate! Which, yes, I‘ve already been unfortunate enough to learn, first hand, just exactly how good of an idea one is! Got a nice quarter size hole in the oil pan bottoming out - not even a whole month into having her. Was able to get her parked right away, so thankfully no real damage there.

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Welcome to the forum.

Its nice to see you made an intro on your own. ;)

This is a new forum layout which is owned by a company 6 months ago that doesn't give a dam with loads of bugs which have been reported in the new thread. There is no TDI Wiki at the moment or original similes. It doesn't show the car spec/location.

We Are Live - Community Feedback

This has been talked about many times.

I've made a poll which no one has posted in, there are a few votes and comments.

Do you like the new forum features?

Wiki pages have been restored as of 7th December, I asked where is the link it should be on top of the main forum.
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