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This is normal. Once the lines have air it takes a while for them to get out.

There is no electric fuel pump in the tank. The fuel is sucked from the injection pump so if a line is full of air and it must be slowly purged out. To speed it up, open the filler cap and use a vacuum pump until you get fuel.

At the injection pump, remove the return line on the fuel injectors and use the vacuum pump until you get fuel. At the fuel filter return line, do the same.

If it still doesn't work, counterhold one of the injectors and crack loose the nut at the injector VERY SLIGHTLY, like a quarter turn. Wrap a thick rag around it. Do not use your hand to hold it, the fuel is under high pressure and if you loosened it too much it's not safe. Crank the engine until fuel starts to come out and it should be relatively quick after that. Retigten the nut (remember to counterhold the injector).
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