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97 Passat
Started running poorly
Parked for three months
Vagcom showed bad QA
Checked visualy only partial sweep
Watched videos on cleaning
Time passed
Tried to start to move it into shop
Only started for 10-15 seconds at a time

changed filter ( car is new to me so that needed to be done )
Changed QA ( have low mileage ip from a 96 Passat - relitivly confident I got the shaft and collar aligned .

primed everything .
Good fuel no bubbles

FSS clicks -
No codes

but I can not get fuel to injectors

not a drop . Changed FSS to one from low mileage pump
Still nothing
Voltage at FSS on at start of key on

still no fuel

so mechanically and externally it looks good ( I know the pump may have just died but that’s a stretch since it was at least trying to run on old filter )

can the ECU shut off fuel internally ?
and the FSS is a secondary fuel shut off

no joy in Sacramento

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If your vehicle idles roughly, stalls frequently, has a drop in engine power, stumbles frequently, has reduced gas mileage, or accelerates slowly, these are all signs your camshaft position sensor could be failing.
Ha it does none of these since fuel doesent come out of the pump!
No fuel no run
No run no idle
But thanks for replying I thought of that when it first stopped running but no fuel ….

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Good advice -
Fuel lines are good new filter
Fuel to Injection pump ( on tdi’s up to 2003 that is the only pump)
Fuel primed out of injection pump via return line

And the injection pump may have just died while I was working on another problem
( the QA is not good and needs to be cleaned - I was trying to get it started so I could put it in the shop )

If I get a rebuilt pump I’ll most defenatly change the timing belt and water pump .

Thanks for replying
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