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Just a concept car, but still pretty interesting.

TRAPPES, France — The game of electric concept vehicle one-upmanship just got a little more interesting.

Nissan on Wednesday took the wraps off its Mixim electric concept car, which is targeted at young buyers who spend hours playing computer games. Even though Nissan says there is "no guarantee" of a production version, the Mixim promises to mix it up with the showroom-bound Chevrolet Volt — even if it only steals the limelight for a time.

The Mixim, with its miniature-Batmobile styling, appears to be more sizzling than the Volt. Nissan said the concept coupe's wraparound windshield is inspired "by the visor of a crash helmet." The driver sits in a central spot with two seats on either side, and the steering wheel and controls are derived from "the interfaces so familiar to computer gamers," the company said. An "occasional" fourth seat is stowed behind the front seat module.

Nissan does not divulge many technical specifications, saying only that the all-wheel-drive Mixim is powered by its Super Motor electric motor/generator and uses compact lithium-ion batteries. It's among the smaller of Nissan's offerings, weighing in at 2,094 pounds. Nissan said it is shorter and lower than the Nissan Micra, although slightly wider. It is 145.6 inches long, 70.8 inches wide and 55.2 inches tall.

What this means to you: Mixim promises to be one of the Frankfurt showstoppers, but there's no guarantee one will end up in anyone's driveway
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