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Hello, just found this great site and decided to register.
Volkswagen's that I have owned:
Polo 1.4tdi 6n2
Golf MK3 Gti 16v and 8v
Golf MK4 tdi variant and V5
Golf MK2 gti 8v
Currently: Passat b4 GT tdi variant
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Nice mod list. I also had a B4 variant TDI - it was a very nice and comfortable car.
Golf variant? Google says they look like the Jetta wagon. How is the Golf wagon different from the Jetta wagon other than the front? Why didn't they just build them as Golf wagons in the US too when they had to bolt on the Jetta front for the US?

Did you guys have a Jetta wagon too? If so, why bother making 2 identical cars?
Yes, the passat is comfortable, but I would preffer a stiffer ride. At least I have recaro's.
And the difference between golf variant and bora (jetta was colled bora in that generation and yes we had them) variant is the front, the length:
Also Bora was on sale until 2004 ang golf until 2006. VW wanted to sell bora's at a bigger price as they wanted to present it as "noble estate"("edelkombi"). google it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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