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Hi, all.

I'm in the Dallas area and have a 2001 New Beetle TDI. It's been a great car for a long time.

About a year ago I started noticing decreased acceleration and power. Then a few months ago I hit a median curb head on at about 50 mph, bent a wheel, and acceleration fell off a cliff. Occasionally some acceleration will come back for a day or two (usually after cool weather).

I had suspected a hose or seal was bad, and from what I have read so far (1000q and Constant Low Power posts) my problem looks related. I will be taking the car in for service once I build up the funds, but I want to be informed. Also I used to do a lot of work on my 1974 Bug, so I find it interesting and useful even if I don't get elbow deep anymore.

At first glance, it looks like you have a great forum here with some good folks passionate about their cars. I'm looking forward to devouring this info!


edit: The Bug is completely stock. I get no error codes off a ScanGauge II.
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