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Newb saying 'hello'

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Hello fellow darkside owners.

I'm Foxy from the UK.........its been about cars since I can remember.

Had all the Golf marques - (not a mk6 yet) and many many other makes and models too.
Probably 40+ cars now between myself and Mrs F.... and we were born mid 1960s!

I have been on UK-MKIVs scene since 2002 and driven the hallowed Nurburgring in my modded Mk5 Golf three times.

I currently have a Skoda Octavia VRS 2007 170bhp TDi........totally standard.

In the sideline I have a 2008 VW Jetta to replace it.
( I have a t4 van with 1.9Tdi conversion and Mk2 Golf GTi 1989 to keep me busy too!)

The issue is with the jetta.

The ECU got ruined when a small "overheating" issue fried some wiring - it got rather warm and then wet.
It also damaged the clocks (instruments) which show a permanent short fault on fuel sender (on vag-com).
The fuel gauge and external temperature sensor now dont work.

I need to replace ECU and clocks from a similar donor car which I have indeed tracked down.
Trouble is, the donor set has no keys.

I am sure I can pull the SKC off the ECU/clocks in order to programme a virgin transponder chip.

Can anyone "chip" in !!?
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Hi there, I personally don't know about your issue but have you had a look in the 1000 how to faq and index. There's a section in there on immobilizer stuff, recoding keys etc. When I got my Seat tdi, the ecu was manked with water and gunge but luckily a good clean, thorough dry and some waterproofing cured my woes. Anyway good luck with it.
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