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Howdy! I am a new Volkswagen owner in Tennessee. I bought a 1996 Passat TDI with 390,000ish miles on it from a lady at my church. It has several problems. Up until a year or two ago it was a daily driver but has sat for the past year in a driveway. Rain got inside it at some point, and now it smells pretty bad and has mold problems. The power windows and door locks work intermittently or don't work at all. Most of the door handles don't work. Lastly, the engine will start but won't run. I am new to the European car world (all I've ever owned are Toyotas), and I am new to diesels also. I am a student mechanic at a local tech school, so I have some mechanical experience. I will be posting some more specific questions about the different problems I've run into later, and I appreciate any advice or tips I can get.
Tennessee Steve
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