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Hey guys, felt like joining up to share in the wonderful TDI information.

My daily is a 2005 Passat, but it's less daily these days. Just did the timing belt, axles , and had the tranny go boom on me. Most of it was just maintenance, but some was chasing down vibration. (The tranny was the one time I had another mechanic handle the car. He replaced the fluid, and left the pan loose. Drained of fluid, the tranny was making all sorts of great noises and stopped working) It's just gotten bad.

Dropped the oil pan, and found a tensioner sitting in the oil pan so now I get to change that too. :(

Oh well, still a nice car, looks new at 99,000 miles.

Good news, once I replace the balancer unit, it'll be a new car!...ish. Meh, close enough.

Maybe I'll be able to help some of the other shade trees keep these guys on the road.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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