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New transmission fluid

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I've read up a good bit on the process and the different fluids available and to use for my 04 Jetta BEW 5spd.. The local dealer only had the newest G70 available, believe it or not. I bought two liters of it after reading it supersedes the G60. After some more reading and calling around, the dealer's computer says use the G60 for my yr/model and made no mention of the 70 which is apparently for newer models (06+?). The only difference I could find was that G70 is thinner, but otherwise is the same.

SO, should I wait and try to find the 60 somewhere else? 95% of my driving is extended highway and the summers here can get brutal. I guess I'm concerned that the 70 might be too thin? Last thing I need is a worn cam AND transmission!

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Personally I try and stick with the recommended stuff for my car unless there's some good evidence for change. I see so many people just going out and buying the super cool racing stuff thinking somehow it'll make their car better but it can be such a gamble and I really don't want to wreck my car. I don't always listen to the dealer either as they make mistakes but they wont pay for the damage down the line if it poes pearshaped.:)
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