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New to VW!

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Hello. I'm new to VWs and diesels, but I've worked a lot on my Hyundai's and Saab. I'll be tackling an MK5 timing belt change in a week or two, so I'm here for the DIY. :D

Anyway, I've seen links to several sites for the 10mm triple square bit we need for the job, but no links to this site


I'm skeptical because it costs $2.93. Any thoughts? I don't want the bit snapping off when I'm trying to remove the bolts!
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It looks fine but it doesn't say what size socket it's used with. Make sure it will fit in the pully and not hit the sides and cause the bit to become crooked. If it comes to worse, NAPA and Autozone sell a cheap set of triple square bits that can be used with a 13mm socket.
diesel guy...thanks for the reply. I'm going to give it a try. Can't beat a $3 tool if it works!
They're pretty small bolts. I'll bet a $3 tool can handle it just fine. After shipping they always end up $10 anyways right?
Ha, ya...shipping usually defeats the advantage of a cheap online retailer. I have 3" and 6" extensions, so my concern was getting the shortest bit. Most of the bits I saw were quite long...and tools are usually better too short, right? It's easier to add an extension and squeeze too big of a tool into an engine bay. Thanks for the input!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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