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I just purchased a 2003 Jetta GLS TDI 5 speed with 130xxx in May (it's now end of August and has 145xxx). The purpose of the vehilce is for my wife to drive back and forth to school (80 miles round-trip).

Things i've done so far: cleaned the VNT mechanism, swapped injectors with ones that have sprint 520 nozzels, added keys (without dealerships help), changed filters, cleaned intercooler, bypassed ccv, replaced most of the "soft touch" interior plastic that had peeled, and now i'm on to replacing the clutch. Needless to say i've been doing a bit of lurking for a while and felt a need to try and start contributing a bit.

This is my first TDI, but i also own a 77 panama brown rabbit 2dr that's been worked on slowly for the past 5yrs (my highschool buddy had a 82 gti that started my rabbit interest). Also i've owned a 99.5 2.0 Jetta that got me through round 2 of college. I bought it with 40xxx and sold it with 150xxx. If i recall correctly, the only things i did to it: replaced the timing belt, tires and brakes...?

So that kinda sums it up. I think this is a great site and the amount of information available is amazing. It's this information that makes TDIs so affordable when it comes to maintenance.

Thank you,
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