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I was in NY for the weekend, and decided to drive down to World Volkswagen in NJ on Saturday to test drive a Golf TDI. They were very nice and it was a great experience, and I most likely would have probably would have bit the bullet if they had one with navigation.

The one I test drove was a four door model with the DSG transmission, dynaudio sound, protection kit, and cold weather package. I have never driven or rode in a TDI car ever up until today.

The salesman pulled up with it, and I got in. The seats were amazing, loved the sport seats in it. I adjusted the mirrors, seat, etc... I put it into drive and pulled out onto a busy road. It quickly and quietly got up to speed, and I loved how it pulled. The car is extremely quiet at 60, I didn't even realize how fast I was going because of how quiet and how easy it builds speed.

We drove along some routes with near highway speed limits, and then turned on a back road. The handling is great. There was no feeling of body roll, and the torque makes it fun because it pulls hard. While it's not fast like my current and last turbocharged Subaru models, the torque makes it fun, and I think it felt better on the back roads. It was a lot of fun.

I am definitely getting a 2012 Golf TDI come this summer. It'll be a lot easier for me to get what I want since there are only three ways they come: TDI Base (no way), TDI w/ Navigation and Sunroof (nope, next), TDI w/ Tech Package (Yeah sir!!!! Navi,Sunroof, Dynaudio, Dual Xenon w/ AFS, and LED daytime running lights - that's the one).

The worst part I hated the most... I realized it's only May, and I need to wait another 3-4 months. I got in my Forester XT and was kicking myself that I didn't take them up on their offer to take their demo home with me for the weekend. :dunno
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