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New tdi

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We just bought a new 2011 jetta tdi. Pretty stoked! What's the break-in period for these wonderful beasts? How does the ignition system work? No glo plugs? I'm. New to the ultra modern deisel world.
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Is it a highline with kessy or do you have an ignition switch? There are glow plugs on the car.

Check out the FAQ article on engine break in. The engine really can continue breaking in for 30,000 miles but most of it occurs in the first few thousand miles. Drive normally with no idling or leaving engine rpm at the same point. The best break-in has varying rpm and loads.
Ignition system? After you turn the key or press the start button it activates the starter. Do you mean, how does it work with the glow plugs? When you turn the key on it starts the glow plugs if it's cold. After every start the glow plugs are also on to help combustion and cold start emissions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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