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Well, I took delivery of my TDI in January and so far, although I have only put 1,500 miles on it, I like it very much. There was one unsettling event though: at about 500 miles I pulled into my garage, closed the overhead door and shut the engine off. I immediately noticed a very strong smell of burning rubber, so strong that I opened the garage door again. I popped the hood and as I did so the two cooling fans started but they seemed very loud which I had not heard before or since, nor am I ever aware that they are running, but coolant temperature before and after that event holds at the center of the gauge, 190 degrees F. The burning rubber smell began to dissipate at about that point and I didn't see any smoke from anywhere. After about 3–4 minutes the fans shut down and I opened the under the hood fuse compartment and found the single 10 amp fan fuse to be normal. I have not heard the loud fan noise since. I brought the car to the dealer's service department and was told that everything was found to be OK including the running of the fans. The burning rubber smell was thought to be "cosmolene burning off the frame members under the car" which doesn't make any sense to me at all. Any thoughts anyone? Regards, Ronny
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That's the DPF. Look through the checklist, there's a note about the self cleaning DPF cycle making this smell. If you shut off the car in the middle of the cycle it has to run the fans to keep cool. It has nothing to do with anything burning off the frame.
Moved to the mk5 specific forum since you have a Jetta.

Correct, it's the active self clean cycle. There is no light or anything to indicate when it's on. During an active self clean while driving, the car burns up the exhaust filter to clean out the trapped particulates. The car also increases turbo boost slightly so you will feel a slightly more powerful engine.

The passive self clean is like a normal catalytic converter which burns up due to the heat from the exhaust. The active cycle activates when the passive doesn't clean it enough.

If you stop the car or if you're at a stoplight, the car runs the fans high to keep the engine compartment cool. Here is some more info on the technical details: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2171 and refer to the buying checklist in the FAQ for some more notes on this. The FAQ articles are constantly revised so these notes may not have been there when you first read it.
The fans were louder because the hood was up. Not unusual for them to run awhile after the engine shuts off. Also common for the occassional burn off when the car is fairly new. The shop was right. And enjoy your new tdi.
Well thank you all very much! I learned something new. I had not read that article before but I have now and the "symptoms" are a text-book description of what happened. Another minor item is a faint, slight rattle from the right – center of the dash. It is audible even when the engine is idling and sounds like a mouse trying to climb out of a plastic soft-drink cup. I thought it might have something to do with the CD player. I mentioned this to the dealer's 'service advisor' too and he said he couldn't hear it. I am beginning to wonder about this dealer's service organization. The DSG gearbox is interesting and fun to use. When going very slow in a lower gear it sometimes seems it can't decide to downshift or not and the engine will lug a bit, just when I would have steped on the clutch with a manual. I remember the 1950 Packard had some kind of electric clutch called Electromatic, You could use the manual clutch pedal or pull out a knob on the dash and shift without using it, sort of like Chryslers Fluid Drive except that with Chryslers system you could not shift from gear to gear without using the clutch. Cord had an electric/vacuum system to shift but the clutch was necessary. Thanks all again, Ronny
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New TDI next issue!

Well with now just over 2000 miles on my January 09 TDI an icon lit up on the dash, the one that looks like an engine block. According to the owner's manual if the icon is steady on, rather than blinking, it does not indicate a serious problem but nonetheless requires a trip to the dealer.
The dealer's mechanic reported that the Oxygen sensor in the exhaust system was "loose". It was tightened and the light went out but came back on two or three hundred miles later.
Next trip to the dealer, and a consult with VW technical, support it seemed a "software update" was required. That was done and so far, (next day) the light has not showed itself again.

I thought "software updates" were only necessary for my computer but, alas, we now live in an almost totally digital world. Remember that ol cowboy song with a refrain that went—"When I open the hood of my pickup I want to see the ground". Ronny
Thanks. There are people saying that another software update is coming soon. From what I've read the most recent flash is related to changing the sensitivity of the rear O2 sensor. This guy heard it from the dealer so who knows the accuracy of this statement.

Most modern cars have software updates now. Most of them are done silently when you take the car in for service. They might be for the stereo, car diagnostics, or engine, who knows.

Not sure what that mouse noise is but if you turn the key on/off without starting the engine you can hear the electric motor on the EGR self calibrating. Either that or check for holes in the hood insulation or engine cover from mice.
Thank you. It's a mechanical/electrical sort of noise very much like the noise that occurs twice a few minutes after turning off the engine and that also sounds like it is just under the dash on the right side adjacent to the glove box. That may be the sound you mentioned. But, like most such things after a while, I usually am not aware of it unless I happen to think about it. Ronny
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