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New TDI owner

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Just bought a 2004 Jetta Wagon TDI and love it so far.
While I don't plan on doing any performance mods yet I would like to do a few things pretty soon:

1)I need another key/fob. They are pretty cheap but I'm not sure if they have to be programmed by the dealer or if I can do it myself.

2)I need some floor mats, will check the auto parts store but open to suggestions for a set that will fit well.

3)The leather is in good shape but I am thinking of conditioning it and would like to hear opinions on what product to use.

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No, the ULSD fuel is much better at that and the PD engines have an o2 sensor which regulates the EGR valve much better. There will be minor buildup but unless it's as bad as the ALH I wouldn't bother cleaning it.
Thanks, I won't bother with the intake cleaning then.

Lots of great info on this site, just need more time to read through it all!

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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