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New TDI owner

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Just bought a 2004 Jetta Wagon TDI and love it so far.
While I don't plan on doing any performance mods yet I would like to do a few things pretty soon:

1)I need another key/fob. They are pretty cheap but I'm not sure if they have to be programmed by the dealer or if I can do it myself.

2)I need some floor mats, will check the auto parts store but open to suggestions for a set that will fit well.

3)The leather is in good shape but I am thinking of conditioning it and would like to hear opinions on what product to use.

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You didn't ask about or mention it, but if you have the Pumpe Deus / BEW engine you might want to take a look at your camshaft and lifters.
Ignoring this issue can be both EXTREMELY costly as well as leave you at the side of the road...... in a foul mood.

I covet a wagon! Especially if it's a 5spd.

If you're in Langley, BC, you're not far from me, in Fort Lang.
I used the Castrol. I have a worn cam. I now use Mobil 1 Turbo diesel truck oil 15w-40.

The manual for my 05 golf states 505.00, which is clearly wrong. The Mob1 TDT oil is not 505-01 compliant, but if you read the oil analysis thread on this and the TDIclub site you will get an idea as to why I switched.

I changed my Timing belt at 144km, bought what I needed from DieselGeek. No regrets about that. But I know there are others on this site that swear by other sites. I suggest that you ck with the fellas here before trying some place that is not commonly used by the members. And, I think you are safe with DG.

There are extensive threads detailing the TB change, follow them carefully, because these are not cheap engines to play with.

My manual also states 90k miles and 100k miles.

How many km on yours? Which engine/trans?
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My belt and pulleys were fine when I changed them at 144km. If you're already doing the belt it's not much harder to do the cam&lifters at the same time. Your cam may be fine, but I'd be surprised.

These are fun little cars, great handling...front brakes on ours have lasted more than 160000KM.....which easily pays for the TB. I avg 44 - 46 mpg in town and 51 on the Coquihalla and it's an auto. Easily hits 170kph, cruises all day at 130+
I haven't done mine yet. I rec'd advice to switch to the oil I mentioned earlier and I haven't been able to (visually) see any significant change. That doesn't mean I'm off the hook, just postponing the cam and lifter change.

The TB change wasn't too difficult, but being pretty meticulous....and I am pathetically slow, I took about 2.5 days....re-checking everything as I went. Screwing it up just wasn't an option!! My son and I figure we could do it again in about 5 hrs. But that's if we did it quick.....not 3 years later on.
I get him to pull the covers off to inspect the cam every so often and he has it down to about 5 - 10 min each way, including removing the EGR and looking for the right tools....always a challenge.
The dealer recommended the wrong Castrol 505.00 oil to me, the book specced the wrong oil and apparently there is supposed to be a decal attached to the rad support as well. All were either missing or incorrect. I don't think Castrol makes an appropriate oil.

Your cam may be fine, but it is far better to catch it early, before it destroys a good engine. IF it should wear through the lifter face, which it can do realtively quickly, it will completely destroy the engine from top to bottom as the valve gets in the way of the piston. My suggestion is to simply get yourself informed about it's condition before too many more miles go by.

I've maintained lots of vehicles, including jetskis and aircraft, but these were a new challenge for me to learn.
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