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New TDI owner

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Just bought a 2004 Jetta Wagon TDI and love it so far.
While I don't plan on doing any performance mods yet I would like to do a few things pretty soon:

1)I need another key/fob. They are pretty cheap but I'm not sure if they have to be programmed by the dealer or if I can do it myself.

2)I need some floor mats, will check the auto parts store but open to suggestions for a set that will fit well.

3)The leather is in good shape but I am thinking of conditioning it and would like to hear opinions on what product to use.

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Sorry guys, just logged in and saw all the responses. Didn't get the email notifications so probably set something wrong.

I am in Langley BC.
There are keys on eBay for about $50 which seems like a good price but I'd like to find someone locally who can program and cut them for me before I buy it. I'll have to try the dealer and see what they say.

I found castrol oil but it says 505.00, I think it is supposed to be 505.01 for the PD. That was at cdn tire.

I read the service schedule and it says to replace the timing belt at 90,000 miles and also at 100,000 miles! Obviously this is a mistake but which is correct? Probably best to do it ASAP.

I will be buying the timing belt kit(with metal w/p impeller) and also the tool kit to do it. I was looking at dieselgeek as a supplier, any recommendations?
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Mine is a 2004 PD with a 5 spd. It's got 144K on it so will need a tb real soon.
I don't know if I'll be doing the cam and lifters right away, did you do yours yourself?
I'll check around for a price and see how it looks.
I bought some Rotella T6, just need to get the filters.
Looking at timing belt kits and tools, probably will order them next week(probably from Dieselgeek)

Have noticed that there is a bit of oil in the intake pipe into the engine. Not sure how the crankcase is vented, think I read that it's plumbed into the turbo inlet?

Also read about snow screens, not sure if my car has one or not.

Thanks, that's what I thought. Over time the oil accumulates and makes for a messy intake tract.

Do the intakes plug up from the egr and oil like the ALH? I cleaned one of those out before and it was pretty nasty.

Thanks, I won't bother with the intake cleaning then.

Lots of great info on this site, just need more time to read through it all!

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