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New TDI owner

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Just bought a 2004 Jetta Wagon TDI and love it so far.
While I don't plan on doing any performance mods yet I would like to do a few things pretty soon:

1)I need another key/fob. They are pretty cheap but I'm not sure if they have to be programmed by the dealer or if I can do it myself.

2)I need some floor mats, will check the auto parts store but open to suggestions for a set that will fit well.

3)The leather is in good shape but I am thinking of conditioning it and would like to hear opinions on what product to use.

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HI Tbone,

I'm in exactly the same position myself. Just picked up a 2000 Golf TDI, and it only has the one key with the remote fob on it. A call to the dealership about getting some other keys invoked some pretty ridiculous numbers. Looking for more economical options.

I'm planning on getting one of the computer tools, probably one of the Ross-Tech units. I'm wondering if this will this allow me to program the keys myself? I'd rather spend the bucks on getting a programming tool, than the high fees to the dealership to program the keys.

I'm located in Ithaca, in central NY.
Thanks, I will read that article. I guess you have to figure out how to get the keys cut (local locksmith says they don't do it) as well as the programming. I've heard you might be able to order the keys cut according to VIN number?

Just installed the Panzer Plate on it this afternoon. With any luck, it will be inspected and ready to pick up tomorrow afternoon. This will be my first diesel vehicle so I'm sure there will be a learning curve. This site has already be very valuable during the evaluation process. I'm sure there is more to learn. Thanks!

Sell tools??? People *do* that? ;-)
<snip>They are still using cut keys. You can order the key already cut with your VIN.
Where does one order these keys from? A couple of hours on google hasn't turned up many good results yet.

What an incredible PITA just to get some keys. :eek

1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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