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New TDI & new to this forum

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I just bought a new Jetta TDI (2011). First new car I've bought since I got out of the Army in 1971. It's the first diesel car I've ever owned, although I have owned & maintained a couple of 1960's vintage diesel farm tractors over the years. I really like this Jetta, but was having some heartburn over some of the stuff I was reading on other sites about DSG transmission service costing $800+ and oil changes costing $100+. I've done all that for myself for about fifty years and didn't plan on paying anybody to do it for me on this Jetta. So now that I've read the FAQ here on doing the DSG service I'm back to feeling good about buying this car. I know this is going to be a great resource. Here's a question I still haven't answered, though: does anybody really go 10,000 miles between oil changes? The dealer says my first three oil changes are free, but I'm hesitant to go that long -- thinking I might want to change it myself the first time at maybe 5000 or so just to be careful. It only has 2000 miles on it right now. I took it out on a 640 mile road trip last weekend & only used 12.5 gallons of fuel -- really cool, I thought.
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The additive packages and full synthetic oil let you go that far. Some trucks go much farther on similar oil but they have different duty cycles. The days of 3,000 mile changes is long gone :)

And as mentioned in the DSG fluid service article, the price is $150, you don't even need the tool. Use of the tool is shown though.
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