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New "NMS" vw

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just wondering if you had any info on the new midsize sedan from VW coming up in 2010 or 2011. I have a lease on my jetta and going to give it up soon. I wanted to wait until that new sedan would come out (maybe buy my current car for 1 year or so). Just not too many details online, is this car worth the wait?
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The new midsize sedan is definitely NOT going to be released as a 2010 model. My best guess is 2011. The Jetta will be a separate model from the Golf (in the past they were the same car except for the hatchback vs. trunk). The car will be slightly bigger than the current Jetta. Since no official details have been released, anything more is pure speculation. Worst case scenario, VW decides to not certify a TDI engine in the new body for a few years. They did it with the Passat TDI - there was a 1996, 97 and then no more until 2004!

If I were you, I'd get a 2010 Jetta or Golf TDI. The Golf TDI has an all new body and it's getting very good reviews. The 2010 Jetta sedan is mostly carryover with some minor changes like bluetooth and a new radio. The 2010 Jetta wagon is getting major cosmetic changes and a number of significant changes but rides on the older body.

The reason why is because there are a number of tax incentives available right now for 2010 on new cars, see these pages for more details on the 2010 and tax incentives:


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Since your lease is expiring and car residuals are in the dumps, you should be able to get a good price on buy back. If you want the next 2011, keep the car for 1.5-2 more years and by then, the 2011 should be in stock. If you time it too early you'll buy when the cars aren't in stock and will have to buy whatever's available at a higher price.
thank you, that helps!
IMO, save to buy the next car. If you lease it the dealer will rip you off because TDIs retain their values much better than other VWs.
Do leases normally contain a clause to temporarily extend the lease for another year? Or would they make you buy back the car.
golf 2010

ok, now that the golf TDI will be available this fall, I think I want to keep my car until the golf goes on sale...
but here is the thing: my current lease ends late August; does anybody know what month will the golf TDI be released?
And if it's October for example, should I try to extend the lease or should I buy my car at the end of my lease (hopefully for a good deal) and resell it later when the golf is available... even if it's only a few months after the end of my lease. I guess it all depends if VW will let me buy my car lower than the residual value.
any thoughts?... and by the way, how much is the Golf TDI 2010? I have not seen any prices posted yet.
The first few months of a new car that's in demand are always a dealer's game. I would try to extend the lease and wait it out.

When more confirmed info is released I'll post a checklist for the Golf. Until then, see the 2009-2010 Jetta checklist. Pricing has not been released
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