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Hi all!

I have an '02 Jetta TDi, nearly 200k on it.

I have quite a bit of experience working on BMW's, VW still fairly new to me even though we've had this car for awhile.

I'm currently researching the procedure for replacing an instrument cluster. I have VCDS.
Our speedometer is very erratic, sometimes it works, sometimes it's highly inaccurate, and other times it's just dead.

I've logged readings from the sensor where I believe the speedo gets its readings and they look fine. I did not witness any erratic behavior in the readings logged. Also, my cruise control works without any issue; I have read that often problems with the sensor will also disengage cruise.

At any rate, just starting to research possible fixes up to and including cluster replacement.

Thank you for this resource; it's a wealth of information.
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