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Hello everyone.
I am relatively new to owning a diesel powered vehicle. I bought a 2002 Jetta 1.9L ALH last July. Unfortunately its previous owner neglected proper care and so now I am in the process of restoring it to glory. Some problems that I have encounted and fixed were a Wire on the Starter that had disintergrated (August '10), new starter, and I just cleaned the EGR and Intake Manifold (with help from reading people's posts!). It ran great for about a week, then the CEL came back on. The original error code had to do with the Intake Manifold, I haven't checked what this error is yet.
Could this be caused by a damaged EGR? Leaking vacuum line somewhere (replaced a few)?
The CEL will come and go, although it will come on if the engine is strained sometimes, then stay on for a while.

Anybody have similar problems or possible diagnosis?
Any help is welcomed and I will post more info if people request!

Aside from this, I will also be changing the Timing Belt in the next few weeks.
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