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This will officially be my first post on this forum. I am currently a member of many other VW/Audi forums. I am the proud owner of two Audis. My DD is a Santorin Blue 2001 Audi S4 and the family car is a Brilliant Black 2007 Audi A4. However, it was not one of my cars that attracted me to this site. I am trying to help out a friend of mine with his 2001 VW Jetta. He came to me reporting that his ignition switch broke and he replaced it. He told me that the car will start now but it immediately dies. I knew it was an immo problem before I even looked at it. I scanned the car with VCDS and sure enough he had a list of immo related codes. I am trying to research what his options are to get his car back on the road.
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Try the faq or send him the link:D


welcometomyturbodies with your posh audi's lol (Spot the jealousy)
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