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I have a 2010 JSW DSG that I bought new after ordering it. The car is now approaching 120K miles and I am gathering tools, parts, and info to change the timing belt. And while I'm in there, I'll change the water pump too.

Car history:
Soon after delivery in early 2010 I installed factory Golf fog lights and the factory light switch with fog position. This option was not available on the JSW at the time. Parts were expensive, but it has worked well.
High pressure fuel pump failed at about 85K miles. VW was nice enough to replace the whole fuel system at no cost.
Installed DieselGeek intake flap motor travel limiter due to P2015 code at 87K miles. No issues since.
I have had to replace two glow plugs, one at 103K miles and one at 104K miles.
Also had to repair the left rear sunroof water drain hose assembly. The hose was not fully glued at the factory to the sunroof frame drain spigot and leaked rain down the headliner and into the spare tire well and left cargo area pocket. It took major interior trim disassembly to get to that drain spigot to silicone seal the hose to the spigot. Leak free now.
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