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hi just got a new 2011 jetta sportwagen tdi. Drove 485 miles on first tank, halfway through second tank. Wow drives nicer than my 97 golf.
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1997 golf k2 gas 260k
1988 cabrio 60k
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Well of course it does, your golf has 260k on it! Is it still on the original suspension?
2011 tdi

on the 1997 golf i had to replace the rear struts after they corroded through. i used bilstein hd intending to replace the fronts also. last week i had a marine diesel inboard loaded in the back hatch with a forklift that weighs close to 500lbs. Car drove pretty nicely but the motor was a pain to get back out.
The nut/clip inside the tubed solid axle tends to break off and then your stuck with putting another one with a set of pliers!

I was lucky enough to not have that problem but can sympathize. The G3 has been a great car, just routine maintenence.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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