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Good Morning All!
I just purchased a new 2010 Jetta TDI Sportwagon last night. I'm not sure when we will take delivery. This car will be my wife's and we are replacing her 2004 Mini Cooper with something a little bigger and more suitable for long distance trips back east to visit our daughter or west to Colorado to visit our son. We have never owned a diesel automobile before and I was just looking for some information about them when I discovered this forum.

We still own a 2009 Mini and a collection of motorcycles. I am a life long gearhead and plan on working on this machine once we get out of the warranty and free maintenance periods. I look forward to meeting many of you on line and discovering the good and bad about our new car.
Omaha, Nebraska
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More importantly is how to fix the bad ;) Why the 2010 instead of the 2011? I know VW has good finance deals on the 2010.
Bingo! The lower price and financing incentives caught our eye on the 2010 model in the color Claire wanted. We were actually coming back from the Mini dealer where we were looking at buying the new 4 wheel drive, 4 door Countryman. She was not happy at the cost of that machine and suggested we stop in at the VW dealer since she had always admired the looks of the Jetta wagon. Never having considered a diesel, the sales person suggested a test drive and we were blown away by the perfomance and the fuel economy. The next thing we knew we were giving them a deposit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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