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I join your community from the Great Lake State -home of the Spartans. I recently purchased a 2005 Jetta TDi from Texas. I wanted something that was broken in yet not suffering from the ill effects of our Michigan winters. The body of my TDI is quite nice, as you might expect. This makes me quite happy. Mechanically, well, let's just say that it needs a little bit of attention. I drove it straight home from north Texas and the car averaged 41-44 MPG. This is in spite of the fact that the check engine light is illuminated, and there is no turbo boost to speak of. The previous owner informed me that he bought the car from a local woman after a Goodyear tire center informed her that the engine was shot. He took it home and removed the intake manifold and had it cleaned at an engine shop. He replaced the turbo with a remanufactured unit, as the old one was shot. Now, the engine runs but without much (if any) boost. While replacing the oil, fuel, and air filters, the obvious thing I noticed was that the intake air tube is leaking at the intake manifold. The BEW uses the tube with the metal tabs, and somewhere along the line those tabs evidently quit holding. So, someone broke the slots off the intake side and then used self-tapping screws to attach the hose to the intake housing. It's really shoddy and it's obvious that the hose it leaking. I will have to replace both the hose and the little air valve section of the intake manifold that it attaches to. Hopefully, this will sort everything out. Otherwise, I will have to check the N75 valve, other actuators and all the vacuum lines associated with the turbo...

That's about it for now. If anyone has any useful advice for this particular situation, I am open to suggestion.
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Sounds like fun! If you can't use the doggie collar from kermatdi.com to hold the boost hose connection, I suggest buying a new hose. The part number is in the timing belt writeup. This is a common problem for some reason. Also change the timing belt because the car sounds neglected.

Thre's always the chance that the reman turbo is also bad. The best bet is a brand new CHRA with the old housing but rebuilding CHRA is sometimes hit or miss, especially dependent on the quality of the work and parts.

Also, check the camshaft for wear. There's a writeup in the FAQ section on how to do this. Also, have the car scanned for codes. You never know what's going to turn up!
Thanks for the tips. I rigged the intake air hose; it's secure even if it's not pretty. The problem persists. I need to pressure check the intake air system, and vacuum check all of the related hoses and actuators. I have done a lot of reading about no/low boost and have a pretty good idea of what I am looking for, I just need the time to get to it...
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