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I have a 2005 Passat TDI and love the car. I need to dothe timing belt soon since I now have 80K on the odometer. The only thing that really bothers me abot the car is that it rides low to the pavement. Every time I have 4 passengers and go out my driveway the rear scrapes. The driveway is not really steep at all, no other cars ever scrape leaving my driveway. Is there a suspension mod for the rear, like air helpers or something?

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IMHO, the best modification is aftermarket suspension but these almost always lower the car.

You could install larger tires or larger wheels.

You could also go with the OEM rough road suspension. It tightens and raises the car a little. In the front, you have to replace the shock, spring, upper arms, and a bunch of small parts. In the rear you replace the shock and spring.
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