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Audi A6 2001

I'll be honest - I'm trying to work out how to program the immobiliser chip in the spare key I've got, and it looks like you guys may be only ones who know how to do so!

For info though, my Audi has been through a LOT of problems - I've only just got it back from having a replacement gearbox and TCU fitted, it's had numerous problems with the brakes (rear calipers were rusted solid), the front bumper has been ripped off it TWICE by my daughter (it's a design issue!), it's taken forever to fix all the various drips from the engine....

It's a REALLY nice car when everything works though :)

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Welcome to the forum Graham. welcometomyturbodies
Is it a full sized remote fob or a bare bones "just the metal key"
Can you get bare bones keys chitty?

I enquired at the dealers and they don't do them. I enquired at a locksmith and they can get the blank key with fob (no electronics) and can cut it from my key. I've always carried a spare key just in case mine gets lost so I just need a key to flirt the plastic cap on the lock and open the door, I could hide the spare key in the car somewhere. But the original key is a bit big to have 2 in your pocket. ;)
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