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Hi, just found this forum in my search for info on my TDI problems...

It all started to go wrong when my cambelt tensioner stud sheared off, when accelerating away from a junction. I repaired the stud, replaced all 16 bent valves and built it all back together. Everything seemed ok, until I decided to check the fuel filter for oil contamination a month or so later (as I hadn't replaced the injector seals due to their horrendous cost!) I found the fuel was black so decided I was now going to have to replace the injector seals.

When I removed the injectors I inspected all the valvetrain to check everything was in order. I found a couple of the cam followers looked to be slightly bent, I had inspected them when the engine was rebuilt but thought they looked ok! So I replaced the worst two followers (that luckily could be done without taking the head off again) and built it back up. The engine ran fine and all was ok for several thousand miles. Until last week when the the engine started misfiring and had horrendous tappet noise. My initial diagnosis was that one/some of the hydraulic tappets had failed after being weakened by the initial valve/piston contact. I took the plunge and removed the cylinder head again.

There is nothing obviously wrong that I can see, although some followers are slightly out of allignment and need replacing. My intention is to get a 2nd hand replacement cylinder head as this will be cheaper than replacing all of the cam followers (plus the head has cracks developing around the glowplug ports, although they are not causing an issue at the moment).

My question is: Are all the 2.0TDI 16v cylinder heads basically the same? I know the older ones are more prone to cracking/porosity issues, any ideas when the cracking issues were resolved? My head is cracked and has a 2006 date on it, but it does look to be a recon head fitted by a previous owner, the casting number is 03G 103 373A, which I don't believe is right for a BRD engine!

Do I need to specifically get a BRD head or is their no difference?

I have just read about the oil pump problems on these engines too, so am starting to doubt my initial diagnosis and have decided to drop the sump to check the oil pump hex drive isn't slipping and therefore not making enough oil pressure to pump the tappets up. The oil pressure light never came on, so fingers crossed I'm just dropping the sump for no reason!

Hopefully you haven't fallen asleep after all those words and someone my be able to shed a bit of light on the subject.

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Not sure but if all 16 valve were bend, all the followers were trashed. I would have replaced every one but too late for that now.

My best GUESS is that all 16v 2.0L heads should use the same basic casting and should work. There are differences in the cams and whatnot so the part numbers are different.

Yes, check out the FAQ on the oil pump for B5 Passat (same problem, similar 8V engines). The best fix is a whole new module.
welcometomyturbodies but sorry to hear of so many problems. I wish Audi (and VAG) would take care of their customers better out of good will but it is apparently not profitable to do so. This is not unique to VAG, it comes down to a matter of dollars and cents.
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