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New Member with Emission Problems?

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Hello, my 2006 jetta tdi(brm) got sick a few weeks ago and is now in the shop. I've got 54,000 miles and began suffering black smoke, no power, emission workshop computer warning. The car barely moved from a stop and then slowly build up speed (limp mode?). I drove it to a foreign auto shop and asked them if they had the know how and equipment to fix my car? They said of course and would run a Vagcom scan and let me know. I mentioned that I'd read this may be related to an EGR problem as described on this website and maybe cleaning was in order.

A few days later I was surprised to hear them say "they'd tried to clean the cooler and intake manifold since it was clogged, but still having problems and that a new EGR valve needed to be installed. I went and bought one from VW ($259+tax); but after looking at the EGR valve; I am concerned if my selected garage really knows what they're saying. They talk about some flap not closing, but I can't see how they would know based on looking at the new part I (everything seems sealed). I'm also concerned how they cleaned the intake manifold and cooler.

I don't have enough knowledge to know whether to abort and get the car to a dealer or let these guys go forward. They seem legit , but I've never been shown any diagnostics and they did start work before I signed any authorization. Can Vagcom software pinpoint problems such as mine before starting repairs? They've told me about three hours of labor has been invested so far. Any help/recommendations on what to do is most appreciated. I need to meet with them tomorrow. Thanks.
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The EGR valve rotates open/closed, it doesn't really use a flap to close. It's impossible to know if it was causing the problem but it's possible for the valve to fail and why they mentioned the emissions workshop thing. Here is a pic of the type of EGR valve on your car and more info on the EGR in general:

They might be talking about the intake manifold flap. If you take off this hose, it looks like a throttle. The gears that rotate it can fail.

First, don't accuse them of anything because they may be doing their best and may be honest. I would ask for detailed diagnostics information and post it here.

VCDS is a tool, much like a gauge it can only get codes and show information. It's up to the user to pinpoint the problem ;)

If you have mechanical ability VCDS is a good investment since it lets you do much of the diagnostic work yourself and the cables hold their resale well since the software license follows the cable.

Some obvious checks are looking for boost leaks or black soot around the back of the engine. Also, is this a DSG transmission? Maybe it's a transmission problem?

It shouldn't be the camshaft since your miles are pretty low but it's a possibility: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/multi/camshaft-inspection-replace-vw-tdi.htm
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Emmision Problems ?

Thanks for your response. I do think they're trying to do the right thing, and I'll ask for their diagnostic info and will post it as you suggested. If I can get my car back running, I'll definitely purchase VCDS.

My car does have DSG, but since it was the 'EMISSIONS WORKSHOP' light that came up on my dash, I didn't know it could be related to the transmission. By any chance would there be any VCDS codes pointing to it or to boost leaks?

Finally, is there any way to disconnect the ERG and then be able to test drive the car and see if transmission and/or other vital parts are operating properly?

I bought my jetta for the long haul as I love the car and sleep has been hard to come by the past several days. This website and and your response give me hope all is not lost. Thanks again.
Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies
By any chance would there be any VCDS codes pointing to it or to boost leaks?
I've searched for emissions and only 1 code comes back I've searched for boost and 66 come back. You can have search for yourself with my http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f9/free-eobd-ii-error-codes-software-2919/index2.html ;)
Sorry in the delay on my response, Keith. I'm a little overwhelmed currently, but will try to use your link today. Thanks for your advice and I'll let you know what happens.
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